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Determine the pick-up time in case of a ride to the airport
Determine the pick-up time in case of a ride to the airport
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Booking a Ride to the Airport

If you wish to book a ride to the airport, you must enter the pick-up time considering the duration of the journey, therefore do not enter the flight departure time.

In general, we suggest to always be at the airport 2 hours before departure, in any case follow the instructions of your airline. So when determining your pick-up time, consider the hours in advance you'll need to be at the airport plus the journey time.

How can I calculate the journey time?

If you are not aware of the duration of the journey, we suggest using one of the many tools offered by the web or from your phone, such as Apple Maps or Google Maps.


It is your responsibility to determine the appropriate pick-up time. Failure to consider the duration of the journey in determining the pick-up time may result in being late for your flight. Therefore, please ensure that you leave enough time for the journey.

If you are in any doubt on how to determine the pick-up time, please contact your local customer service team.

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