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How should I choose the pickup time?
How should I choose the pickup time?

How to Calculate Your Pick-Up Time

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How to Calculate Your Pick-Up Time at the Airport

When arriving at an airport, it's important to plan your pick-up time carefully in order to ensure that your ride is there to meet you when you need it.

Usually, we recommend to schedule the ride at least 30 minutes after the flight landing.

In this way, you can take your time to go through customs, immigration and collect your luggages.

However, as it mostly depends whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, the time you should pick up your ride can potentially vary.

For Domestic Travel:

If you are traveling domestically, then you typically do not need to wait for immigration or customs. This means that the time you can expect your ride to expect you may be much shorter than with international travel. If you are only bringing hand luggage with you, this may potentially reduce the buffer time you should allow when selecting your pick-up time.

For International Travel:

For pick-ups from accommodations to the airport:

If you are travelling to the Airport, you need to calculate the suitable time to reach the location in time for your flight. You can do it via any geolocation service available online.

Airlines usually recommend to be at the Airport 2 hours before the flight departure.

In addition to that, you also need to include the time needed to reach the location and some "buffer time" to accomodate slight delays due to unforeseen situations just like bad traffic, weather or road conditions.

Based on that, you can choose the best option according to your needs and schedule.

Important Information

Before you confirm your pick-up time, it is important to consider any delays that might occur with your flight. This could include delays due to security, picking up baggage, passport control, and other factors. When making your pick-up time, try to plan for extra time to ensure that your ride will be there when you need it.

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