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Chauffeurs working with Transfeero
Chauffeurs working with Transfeero

What is Transfeero and who are the local partners working with the platform?

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Transfeero and its Local Partners

Transfeero is a leading private transportation provider operating internationally. Ours is an intermediary booking platform which connects people looking for reliable and affordable travel solutions to professionals in the sector of private transportation. Our local partners can be individual professional drivers or structured chauffeured companies. In each case, we make sure to meet our customers' expectations and deliver them high-end services, making them enjoy the ultimate travel experience for ground transportation.

Chauffeur Training & Licensing

At Transfeero, we pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality service with safety as our top priority.

All chauffeurs working with our company are trained and licensed to provide chauffeur services in their respective country. These chauffeurs have also been certified by local authorities to ensure they meet all regulations and safety standards.

We also require that all our chauffeurs have the appropriate insurance to protect our passengers during their ride. This insurance also protects the chauffeur from any legal or financial liability while on the job.

Guest Feedback System

To ensure that all chauffeurs working with Transfeero meet our strict standards and requirements, we use a comprehensive feedback system made available to our guests. Our customers are surveyed and asked to rate their experience which covers a variety of areas such as professional appearance, reliability, safety, language skills, and friendliness.

We use this feedback to monitor our chauffeurs and improve the quality of service they provide. This ensures that our customers always have the best experience while using Transfeero.

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