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How do I request a service that includes transporting an animal / pet?
How do I request a service that includes transporting an animal / pet?
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Transporting Animals With Tranfeero

When you book with Transfeero, it’s important to include the details of any animals you are transporting in the “Notes for the Chauffeur” field. This is important so that the right type and size of vehicle is sent with the appropriate capacity to accommodate the number of passengers. Failing to include the correct information up front may result in additional charges. Furthermore, the animals must be kept inside proper cages/carriers, otherwise the drivers could legitimately decide to not carry out the transport.

Characteristics of Animals to Include in Notes

Passenger Transportation With Dogs

For passengers travelling with dogs, it is highly recommended to book a Van or a vehicle with higher capacity for the overall amount of luggages. If the Special Requests field was not completed prior to the service, Transfeero partners reserve the right to refuse the transport of the animal.

Exception to the rule

The transport of service animals without a carrier is possible and constitutes an exception to the rule; our carriers are therefore required to take this into account as per local regulations.


By including the detailed characteristics of the animal and the total number of passengers in the “Notes for the Chauffeur” field when booking, you can rest assured that your journey will proceed as smoothly as possible.

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