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What vehicles does Transfeero use?
What vehicles does Transfeero use?
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Vehicle Service Classes Offered by Transfeero

Transfeero offers four services classes to make sure you get the best quality transfer – Standard and First Class.

Standard Class

Standard Class offers transportation in a Mercedes E Class or similar vehicle. This is a great option if you’re looking for a comfortable transit at an affordable price.

First Class

First Class customers will ride in a luxurious Mercedes S-Class vehicle or a similar vehicle. Select this class and enjoy a comfortable and reliable transfer for your business or leisure travel needs.

Van Standard Class

Customers who need to transport large groups can opt for the Van Standard Class service, which uses a Mercedes Vito or Ford Transit model, or a similar class vehicle. Enjoy a reliable transfer at a great price!

Van First Class

Van First customers will experience a top-notch transfer service in either a Mercedes V-Class or a similar vehicle. This service is tailored for groups needing a reliable, luxurious transfer.

Note: Vehicle Images

The images seen when booking are strictly illustrative as the actual vehicles used may be any of those listed above. We cannot guarantee any requests for specific vehicle models or colors as the vehicle used is subject to availability.

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