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Are there any fees for a night trip?
Are there any fees for a night trip?
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Understanding Night Fees for Booked Transfers

If you’re booking a transfer from 12:00 pm (midnight) to 06:00 am, you will be charged a night fee. This fee will be 20% of the booked transfer. It’s important to note that the 20% fee is only charged for transfers occurring at night, and not those occurring during the day.

If you have booked two separate transfers, one during the night and one during the day, the 20% night fee will only be charged for the night transfer. For the transfer done during the day, no additional fees will be charged.

The surcharge is already included in the ride cost during booking a night service

Final Thoughts

If you're booking a ride between 12:00 pm (midnight) and 06:00 am, you should note that you will be charged a 20% night fee.

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