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Fidelity program: ONEMILE
Fidelity program: ONEMILE

Discover the joy of savings with Transfeero's ONEMILE Loyalty Program

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Save More with Transfeero's ONEMILE Loyalty Program!

You can now save on your journeys while indulging in the luxury of private transfers thanks to Transfeero's exclusive ONEMILE Loyalty Program. Designed for customers who value both comfort and savings, this multi-tiered program ensures that the more you travel, the more you save. Let's dive into the unique benefits that each escalating level of the ONEMILE program offers.

Explorer, Level 1: Your Journey Begins with Savings.
Kickstart your travels with Transfeero and quickly earn a 5% discount on all bookings after reaching 50 miles. Ideal for those starting on the path of regular travel.

Voyager, Level 2: Step-Up Your Travel account.
Upgrade your travel game to 300 miles and unlock a generous 8% discount on all Transfeero bookings. As a Voyager, you're not just journeying from point A to B; you're accumulating savings along the way.

Elite, Level 3: Prestigious Rewards for Elite Travelers.
For the elite travelers who journey 600 miles, a prestigious 10% discount awaits. As an Elite, the world is your oyster, and with top-tier discounts, your savings can be as plentiful as your adventures.

The ONEMILE program restarts each year on January 1st and concludes on December 31st.

Maintain Your Status, Maintain Your Savings
In order to mantain your fidelity status, you'll need to achieve at least Level 1 by the year's end, However, any miles not upgraded to Level 1 status by the year-end will be regrettably lost.

ONEMILE isn't just about earning discounts; it's about building a relationship with a brand that recognizes and rewards your loyalty. We value our clients and are dedicated to enhancing your travel experiences, one mile at a time.

Joining is simple, rewarding, and seamless. Register through our website before making a booking ( just tick the related check box before going ahead with the payment) or directly through the reseved area of your Travel account (if you've already registered to the platform), then start converting your miles into savings. To learn more, contact the assistance via E-mail ([email protected]), chat or phone. Embark on your journey of exploration and savings with the ONEMILE Loyalty Program, and let us make each mile you travel even more rewarding.

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